2 brothers

2 brothers

Friday, March 20, 2015

Noah and Jonah's Year in Review: November

Hey everyone-

November was a big month. Jonah got his first bed. We saw our first movie together, in the theater. And we celebrated Thanksgiving with the whole family, including all four of our grandparents.

Here are some highlights:

And here are some videos: 

Thanks for reading, everyone. We'll be back next week with December!

Noah and Jonah 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Noah and Jonah's Year in Review: October

Hey everyone-

In October, of course, we celebrated Halloween, when we both dressed as Power Rangers and went trick-or-treating. Also, we celebrated Aunt Hannah and Aunt Amy's birthdays, and Noah ran a one-mile race.

Here are some highlights:


We were good helpers at soccer class 

Our Halloween Gang 

One of the first karate classes 

As for videos, Jonah called Nick Foles: 


And Noah and Allie said "cheese" on Halloween night: 

Thanks everyone, we'll be back soon with November

Noah and Jonah 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Noah and Jonah's Year in Review: September

Hey everyone-

Sorry for the break- now we're back to go through last fall with you! Last September we started school in the same building for the first time- and went down to Maryland to celebrate Uncle David and Uncle Steve's wedding. Also, we celebrated Mommy's birthday and went to Cousin Joshua's birthday party.

Here are some highlights of the month:

Does this vest look a little big on me? 

Ducking out of the wedding to watch the Eagles win 

First day of school! 

Walking to the building together 

With Cousin Jessi and soon-to-be Cousin Brent 

The wedding was so much fun I fell asleep at the table... 

One, two, many Noahs

Happy birthday, Mommy! 

Goal for Noah! 

Grandma Barb and Noah at the wedding

Noah and the grooms and groomsmen

Noah meets the flower girls 

And here are some videos, including two from the wedding dance floor:


And finally, here's Noah spinning in slow motion at Cousin Joshua's birthday (thanks to Uncle Jason for the video): 

Thanks for reading everyone- we'll be back with October in a couple of days! 

Noah and Jonah