2 brothers

2 brothers

Sunday, January 27, 2013

New Year, New Cousin

Hey everybody! Happy new year! It's been awhile since our last post but there's been a whole lot going on. The biggest news of all is… we have a new cousin! Cousin Joshua's little brother, Jacob Ford Serota was born on Dec. 29. We love him already, and can't believe Jonah's not the littlest baby anymore. 

Mommom and the Fab Five 

Then again, Jacob won't be the youngest for long, either! Cousin Daniel's going to be a big brother too, and breaking the five straight boys streak, he's going to have a sister! We can't wait to meet yet another new cousin. 

The other big event this month was Noah's third birthday, on Jan. 15! We had a big party, lots of cake and Grammy and Papa came to town to celebrate. Here are some highlights of all the festivities: 


My Spidercake! Thanks, Aunt Jaime

My birthday song:

And here are some other things Noah's been up to: 

Daddy's shirt is a little big on me


Playing hockey at my sports class 

Enjoying Papa's puppet show 

At my friend Scott's birthday party 

Learning to play Skee-ball

Strutting at the Mummers Parade 

Here I am dancing at a party with Cousin Daniel:

Over to you, Jonah: 

Thanks bro! There's a lot going on with me these days. I'm saying more and more words- "no no no" and "da da da" are my favorites, but I'm adding more every day. I'm also standing up and walking while holding things, so I'll be walking on my own before long, too. I just can't believe this snow stuff- and I'm looking forward to my first Super Bowl next week and my birthday in March. 

Anyway, thanks for reading everyone, and we'll be back with more soon! 


Noah and Jonah