2 brothers

2 brothers

Monday, April 30, 2012

Silvers' Spring

Hey everyone! Well, spring has come to Philadelphia, and we had a pretty good April. We've been spending lots of time outside, including on our new swingset.

Jonah's getting bigger and stronger, and even smiling a little bit. Noah, meanwhile, has developed an interest in superheroes, always going on about Superman, Batman and Spider-man.

And of course, we're enjoying sports too, especially the Flyers' Stanley Cup run.

We both really love spending every Wednesday in the city with Mommom and Poppop and our aunts and cousins, as well as our FaceTime chats every Sunday with Grammy and Poppa.

Two weekends ago, we all spent the day at the park in the city. Not only did we have take a long walk and have lunch in the city, but we even played mini-golf, and Noah made the golf shot of a lifetime:

Us four boys are almost ready to play as a foursome, with Poppop as the caddy! Here are some other highlights of that fun day:
The Gang of Four goes to lunch

A picture-perfect football game with Joshua and Noah

Anyway, Jonah needs to get back to bed, so we're about done. But check back soon for more from the Silver boys!

Noah and Jonah 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Boys of April

Noah and Cousin Suzy

Reading Daddy's new cover story

Mad Man Noah

Hey everybody! Well, it's now been one month since we've been home together, and things are going pretty well. For some video highlights of our first four weeks as brothers, see the video in the post before this one. 

Anyway, we had a pretty eventful weekend. We drove up to New Jersey on Friday for Passover at Uncle Stephen and Aunt Cheryl's house- it was both Jonah's first Passover and his first trip to  Jersey! It was great for Jonah to meet a bunch of relatives for the first time, and while we both went to bed pretty early, we're already excited for the next few years of Afikomen Wars with Cousins Daniel and Joshua. 
Aunt Cheryl and Jonah

Noah, Joshua and Daniel with Uncle Stephen
Noah and Poppop Joe

Jonah and Mommom

Cousin David, meeting Jonah for the first time 
We also got to see a whole bunch of friends on the trip. On the way up, we stopped to see Mommy and Daddy's friends Mike and Dena, as well as our friends Alex and Anna. It was great to catch up: 

Anna meets Jonah

Aw, thanks Anna!
Then, on the way back, we had lunch at a New Jersey diner, which Daddy says we're going to really love someday, and we got to see even more friends, including Noah's pal Scott: 

Jonah and Evan 

Alissa and Jonah

Closer to home, we just got a new swing set in the backyard! It's a lot of fun to be able to use the swing and go down the slide without even needing to go to the park. Jonah even got in the act:

Before Passover, we took a family trip to Chun Hing, so Jonah could experience the family's favorite Chinese food. Here's Noah's preview of dinner: 

Anyway, we're glad its spring and we're getting to spend even more time outside. Well, it's getting to be Jonah's naptime. Thanks for reading everyone, and stay tuned for our further adventures!

Noah and Jonah