2 brothers

2 brothers

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

From Halloween to Hanukkah


Getting ready for Hurricane Sandy...

And watching it on TV

Lawnmower men

Talking to Grammy and Papa on the iPad

Eagles game with our friend Scott

Cousins at the Comcast Center


Hey everybody! Well, there's sure been a whole lot going on since the last time we did a post. We went through a hurricane, celebrated Halloween, Thanksgiving and now Hanukkah, as well as Cousin Daniel and Mommom's birthdays. Starting with Noah:

First dentist checkup, with Poppop

On my best behavior at my haircut

I'm walking away from Andy Reid, too

Hey everyone! As you can see, I'm more into sports than ever before. I love watching football every Sunday, and soccer every Saturday, and basketball, and even tennis... I even starting going to a sports class that I like a lot. I even got into sports from before I was born- here I am doing Harry Kalas' call of the Phillies' championship in 2008:

I'm also getting more musical- as you can see above, now I'm playing piano in addition to guitar. And best of all is playing catch and music and reading with my little brother! Over to you, Jonah:

Hanukkah with Daddy and Poppop Joe

Guitar duet with Daddy



With Mckayla- I'm not the littlest baby anymore!

Thanks Noah! A couple of big developments on my end- I'm walking! Not on my own, yet, but while pushing my Lightning McQueen car and other toys.

I'm also starting to make a lot more sounds than I used to make, including some that sound a little bit like words. I'll be stringing together whole sentences before you know it!

Anyway, here's a trip through our fall, starting with Halloween. Noah was Spider-man, and Jonah a Lion:

Trick-or-treating with Cousin Joshua the Angry Bird...

And Daniel the Ninja Turtle
Still chasing the pumpkin 

Don't take candy from the baby!

Next came Thanksgiving, when we had a nice visit with Grammy, Papa and all our other family and friends in Minnesota:

Three Silvers in front of Target Field, after Daddy and Papa ran a race

With Grammy at the Holidazzle Parade 

Jonah and Auntie Cindy

Jonah plays duck-duck grayduck

Reading with Uncle Jason

Noah reads his first Bob Woodward book 

With our friends Isaac and Ethan 

Running the track with Daddy and Papa

And finally, back in Philadelphia, we're celebrating our first Hanukkah as brothers! I think we agree that it's our favorite holiday:

On the couch with our presents the first night 

Thanks for reading everyone, and have a happy holiday season! 

Love, Noah and Jonah