2 brothers

2 brothers

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Noah and Jonah's Blog: Summer Begins

The Fab Five celebrates Poppop Joe's 89th birthday

The family band plays a concert 

Here we go... 

Hey everybody! Sorry we haven't written for awhile, but we've been having quite a busy spring. 

On a sad note, in April we lost Granny, our great-grandmother. We're going to miss her, but we're so glad we got to get to know her: 

The last two weekends, we've made trips down to the Shore to Mommom and Poppop's house, and so it's so great to be back! We went to the beach, played out in the yard, and Noah even got to play golf with Poppop: 

To the ice cream store!  

Here's some of what Noah's been doing lately: 
An unconventional nap spot  

Getting the Phanatic ready for bath time

Watching the Phillies

I'm sure enjoying being three! I'm completely potty-trained and sleeping in my bed every night, after a few months on the floor. I'm more talkative than ever and endlessly entertain Mommy and Daddy with all kinds of questions and comments and plans. Here I am talking about how I want to go up in the sky and touch the moon: 

And, as you may have heard, I love to play sports. Here's a video Daddy put together of my various athletic endeavors: 

Over to my favorite teammate, Jonah: 

Getting Baby Jacob's attention 

Sitting where Rocky stood  

Thanks brother! Well, I'm walking all the time and very very fast, and I've also been spending lots of time playing with my brother, when we can agree on whose toys are whose. I'm also talking a bit more than I used to- my favorite words are "bye," "mama," "mine," "no" and a lot more. 

Anyway, thanks for reading everyone. We can't wait for our trip to see Grammy and Papa in Minnesota later this week. Happy spring!

Noah and Jonah