2 brothers

2 brothers

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Playing Games And Going, Too


Hey everybody!

There's certainly a lot going on around here, but the biggest thing of all is that Aunt Amy and Uncle Jason are getting married! Mazel tov to them both, and we can't wait to be ring bearers.

Speaking of weddings, Cousin Goldie is getting married in August and Jonah went up to New Jersey with Mommy to her wedding shower on Sunday. Mazel tov, Cousin Goldie and soon-to-be-cousin Dan!

Last weekend we took our first trip to Minnesota since last year, and Jonah's first one ever. It was Jonah's first airplane ride, and except for a delay on the way everything went fine.
Noah inspects the plane before takeoff
Inside that plane is an even smaller airplane and smaller Noah

Jonah checks in

We visited Grammy and Papa and some other family and friends, celebrating Father's Day. We also went to visit Grandpa Al and Grandma Barb, who it was wonderful to see.

 As for the rest of our trip, we were everywhere in the Twin Cities:

The Silver men on Father's Day

Making music with Papa
Swinging at Lake Calhoun

On the docks at Lake Harriet

At Temple Friday night 

Sitting with Uncle Jimmy

Uncle David and Jonah
Chatting with Aunt Amy on FaceTime

Auntie Bonnie meets Jonah

Cousin Sophie calms Jonah down

We also went to our first baseball game as a family- it was Mommy's team (the Phillies) against Daddy's (the Twins.) The Phillies won, and it was such a big event that Daddy wrote about it for Philadelphia magazine!

Papa, Noah, Daddy and Kirby 

Jonah tries to pick out an outfit for the game 

Also on the trip, we went to see our friends Isaac and Ethan and their parents Jeff and Rose at their new house:

We were so excited by the baseball game and playing outside with Isaac that now that we're back home, Noah's taken up the game himself:

Clean sweep!

Anyway, that's all for now- thanks for reading everyone! And stay tuned next week for a big new video starring both of us.

Noah and Jonah

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