2 brothers

2 brothers

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spring, a Birthday and Passover

Papa pitches, Noah bats, Jonah catches 


Shaking hands

Four Silver men

Hey everyone! Well, spring is here, and we're excited for the nicer weather, as well as a few pieces of big news: Jonah turned one, and is now walking, and Noah's now using the potty. 

One of the best things about spring? Going outside and swinging! 

Mommy had to go away for a couple of weeks for work, but luckily she came back on the weekends, and Grammy and Papa came to visit:  

Did we mention that Jonah is now walking? Just a few days after his first steps, Jonah celebrated his first birthday on March 9, with a super-awesome cake from Aunt JJ: 

Here are some highlights from the party: 

Here's Jonah eating cake: 

Daddy also put together a video of the first year of Jonah: 

Here's some more of what's going on with Jonah: 

Over to you, brother: 

Thanks, Jonah! Well, the big news with me is I've been potty-training, and while it's still early on, I think I'm getting good at it!

Otherwise, I've been playing a lot of sports:

Playing baseball...
and reading about it 

I live, breathe and SLEEP soccer...

And I watch it from a front row seat 

Hockey too!

Even with a golf club
Football, too 

And golf

And basketball!

Tossing the ball at the Purim carnival 
After all that I need a rest
Anyway, after all the birthday excitement, at the end of the month we went up to New Jersey for our annual Passover seder at Uncle Stephen and Aunt Cheryl's house. It was great to be together, especially with our cousins from Seattle, Avi and Ella. We had seven cousins together, all five and under!

Lunch with Cousin Jeremy

Jonah and the Seder plate

Breakfast with Cousin Sarah 

 And then, this past weekend, they came over to our house:

A rare six-cousin summit: Ella, Avi, Daniel, Joshua, Noah and Jonah 


Here's a video Cousin Alys took of our meeting:

Anyway, that's all for now. Thanks for reading, everyone!


Noah and Jonah

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