2 brothers

2 brothers

Friday, August 3, 2012

Our Adventures in July

Hey everybody! Well, we sure had an eventful and busy month of July. So let's get right to it:

The month began sadly, when we lost Grandpa Al, our great grandfather. We're going to miss him but we're both so glad that we got to spend some time on Father's Day when we were in Minnesota.

We made a couple of trips to the Shore during the month, and on one of them we got to meet our cousin Shemaiah, who lives in Israel and was born just a few weeks before Jonah. It was great to meet him and we can't wait to finally get all seven cousins of our generation together in a couple of weeks at Cousin Goldie's wedding.

We're also both now even bigger sports fans than we were before. Not only do we watch highlights on TV in the morning and baseball games at night, and Noah loves to play ball outside with Daddy, but we've gone to two games in the last few weeks. First we went to a Phillies game, and then our first Philadelphia Union soccer game! Both were a great time:

We also got a visit this month from our friends Bridget, Shane and Abigail, who came along with their parents, Mommy and Daddy's friends Megan and Frankie: 

Shane visits our swingset

And finally, for Daddy's birthday last weekend, Grammy, Papa and Aunt Amy came to visit! We went to the park, the Please Touch Museum, and had a party at our house: 

Anyway, that's our July, and our August is shaping even more exciting. Thanks for reading, everyone!

Noah and Jonah 

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