2 brothers

2 brothers

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Weddings, Birthdays, and So Much More!


Hey everyone! Sorry we haven't written in awhile, but it's all Daddy's fault- he lets us use his computer to do the blog, and because his hard drive crashed (whatever that means), he couldn't download new pictures for a few weeks. But now it's fixed, and we're back with another update on our adventures. 

It's been quite an eventful end of summer and start of fall, full of birthdays, a wedding and lots of other joyous occasions. What we're going to do first is we're each going to share what we've been up to, and then we'll talk about what we've been doing together. 

Captain of the ship 


Tickets to the game? Cool!

Reading a story to Boyd the Bear


Well, the big thing for me is that I started preschool, and I'm going three days a week! It's going pretty well so far, my teacher says I'm adjusting well. I'm also starting to get just as into baseball as my dad- I always want to go outside and play with my bat and ball, I watch the first inning of the Phillies game every night before bed. After that, I love playing in my room with my many baseball hats- and I can even name almost the whole Phillies starting lineup. I've also gone to games in two different cities, but more on that below! 

Most of all, I'm enjoying spending time with my brother, who I can't believe is getting so big. I'm excited for him to start walking and talking because then, imagine the trouble we'll cause! 

Getting all L-shaped 

Doing the standing-on-Daddy dance 


Thanks, Noah! And thanks again for all the old clothes! Well, I'm all excited because I turned six months old last week- can you believe I've been around this long? I'm eating three meals a day of real food, and moving and rolling around even more than before, and I'm THIS close to crawling. I can grab things too- on Friday night, I even pulled a tablecloth off a table! 

Anyway, here's what we've been up to together: 

In August, we went up to New Jersey for a very special occasion- Cousin Goldie and Dan's wedding! Not only did we get to celebrate their special day, but we got to see all kinds of family from all over! For the first time, all seven cousins of our generation on Mommy's side- the two of us, Daniel, Joshua, Avi, Ella and Shemaiah- were together at the same time. Poppop Joe was so proud, because we're all his great-grandkids:

Noah and the Bride

Sharp-dressed man

We couldn't get all seven cousins in one picture, but five of us got in this one

This one, too 

The triple threat: Avi, Daniel and Noah

Noah plays shutterbug with Cousin Ellie
Jonah with his date for the wedding, Cousin Sarah
Cousin Ella carries Jonah 

Jeremy, Jonah and Shemaiah

Jonah with the Boston cousins: Sophie, Sarah, Miriam and Rachel 

The father of the bride, Uncle Stephen, with Jonah

Noah and Daniel take over the dance floor 

Weddings are tiring

Speaking of cousins, there's going to be one more- Aunt Debra and Uncle Jason are having a baby boy! We're excited for Cousin Joshua to have a little brother, and to have a Gang of Five first-cousin boys in Philadelphia. Mazel tov to the Serotas! 

Anyway, not long after the wedding, we took a long plane ride to Denver, to celebrate Auntie Cindy's 50th birthday! She had a big party with all of her friends and family, and we got to see all our family from Daddy's side, including Grammy, Papa, Aunt Amy, Uncle Jason, and all of our aunts and uncles. Noah even went to the baseball game, with Daddy, Papa, Uncle Jim and Cousin Sam. 

Happy birthday Auntie Cindy!

Noah, Aunt Amy and Cousin Jessi 

Noah, Grammy and Cousin Sam 

Noah bonding with McGregor the dog 

Meeting Rockies mascot Dinger- I wonder if he knows the Phanatic? 

Talking Daddy into wearing his hat Noah-style

Three generations of Silver boys, at another ballpark

Bye bye, Denver!

We also celebrated Grammy's birthday, which was the day before we arrived:

And we also went to see Aunt Debra's best friend Dana, and her new baby Avery: 
And we also got to meet Rabbi Black, the author of Noah's favorite "Boker Tov" book. 

Speaking of birthdays, that wasn't all: last weekend was Cousin Joshua's second birthday. We ate lots of cake: 

And then, most special of all, last Tuesday was Mommy's birthday. We went out to dinner and then had cupcakes: 

And finally, tomorrow is Papa's birthday- happy birthday Papa!- and is also the start of Rosh Hashanah, so happy new year to all of our Jewish friends and family. 

Thanks for reading everyone, and we promise it won't be so long before our next update!

Noah and Jonah

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