2 brothers

2 brothers

Monday, October 7, 2013

Noah and Jonah's Blog: A Big Wedding, and More Fall Fun


Watching Papa speak at Rosh Hashanah 

A visit to the dentist 


Hey everybody! I know you haven't heard from us since July, but as you can see below we've been going a lot of places - from the shore, to Boston, to San Francisco- and doing a whole lot! 

First of all, we've been doing a lot of dancing: 

The biggest news of all is that we were out in San Francisco last month to celebrate the wedding of Aunt Amy and Uncle Jason. Not only did we have a fun visit out to California, but we got dressed up in our nice outfits and got to walk down the aisle at the wedding!  

Mazel tov Amy and Jason, and thanks for having us in the wedding! Here are some highlights: 
With the bride and groom 

Ooh, pinwheels! 


Having a rest

And here's some other fun we had on the trip to San Francisco: 
Morning! Time for breakfast! 

Jonah and Auntie Cindy 

Walking on the Embarcadero 
Rehearsal dinner nap 
With Poppop at a very familiar-named bagel shop 

On the BART to the airport
Sleeping on the plane home 

But that wasn't the only trip we've taken lately. We took a few trips to the shore this summer, and in August, we took a trip up to Boston to visit Aunt Ruthie, Uncle David, Uncle Eli, Cousin Rachel and their dogs Charlie and Jasper:
Chillin' with the dog
A trip to Daddy's old school 

At the Marathon finish line 

Celebrating Uncle David's birthday 

Out to dinner with Cousin Rachel and Ina

Anyway, here's what we've been doing individually, starting with Noah: 

First Eagles (preseason) game! 

I'm throwing rocks! 

Celebrating Daddy's birthday 

Yes, I finished the puzzle 

Joshua and I like to move it, move it:

Doing it like Daddy does 
It's been quite an exciting few months for me. I started school again, in a new room, and it's going great so far- I'm even learning how to write my name. I'm in a weekly soccer league, though as you can see above, it's hardly the only sport I'm playing (or watching!) I'm also really excited that my brother is starting to talk- I already like having conversations with him! Over to you, Jonah:

I can play ball too! 

Thanks Noah! Well, since you last heard from me I've gotten bigger and can walk a lot faster- and I'm talking a lot more too! I know the names of most animals, I love to say "book," and throughout the day Sunday I couldn't stop saying "football." 

Anyway, hope everyone enjoyed that. And we promise you won't have to wait so long for our next post! 

Love, Noah and Jonah

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