2 brothers

2 brothers

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Our Fall And Winter Adventures

Hey everybody! I know we haven't written in a couple of months, but we thought we'd catch you up on all of our adventures. 

In October, we had a great time celebrating Halloween. These days it isn't just about October 31- we had our school party and Boo at the Zoo, before we actually went trick or treating. It was all a lot of fun, and of course we dressed up as Batman and Robin: 

Trick or treat! 

Costume mashup 

Superman joins us 

Noah reads his Halloween book to Jonah: 

In November, this year we got to celebrate Thanksgiving and Hanukkah at the same time- and for the occasion we saw lots of family, including Grammy and Papa, who came to visit from Minnesota: 

Menorah practice 

Family of guitarists 

Multi-generation nap 
Continuing the Silver family's Hanukkah gift tradition 

Noah's first basketball game 

Noah took this picture 

Still enthusiastic in the fourth quarter: 

For Hannukah, we really loved lighting the candles each night: 

As it turned into December, we've been doing our best to stay out of the cold- except for the first big snowstorm last week, when we played outside- including snow angels and our first snowman!
Dressed to go outside 

You saw a lot of pictures above with our many cousins- and now we have two more! 

Our cousins Elisheva and Shoshana both had babies, both in Israel, in the last two weeks. Here's our new cousin Lilyann:

And here's our new boy cousin- whose name we will learn in a few days: 

Welcome to the family, and we can't wait to meet you both! 

Anyway, here's a bit of what we've been up to individually, starting with Jonah: 

Rolling the dice 

The doctor will see you now 

As you can see, I'm talking more than before, and I've even been singing! I'm a wiz with towers and blocks and I love story time at night.  I'm also playing sports, and can even play catch with my brother!:

Over to you, Noah: 

King of the Hill 

Thanks Jonah! Well, I'm as energetic and rambunctious as ever, always wanting to be active, have fun, and stay up really late every night! I'm also getting very good and writing and drawing, and can even write my own name. 

Anyway, thanks for reading everyone, and we wish you all happy holidays and a happy new year!


Noah and Jonah

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